34th Annual Sessions of the Institute of Biology

The 34th Annual Sessions of the Institute of Biology will be held on 26th September 2014 (Friday) at SLIDAInvitation 2014

Schedule of the Scientific Sessions

34th Annual Sessions of the Institute of Biology, Sri Lanka

26th September, 2014 at Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration(SLIDA)

Parallel Session 01

Time  Abstract Number Title
1.00 pm 1-01 Ability of rampe, Pandanus amaryllifolius in maintaining water quality for rearing guppy, Poecilia reticulate, K.R. Nagahawatte and M. Hettiarachchi
1.15 pm 1-02 Effect of clearance of early pioneer species to restore dry forests in Sri Lanka,W. W. M. A. B. Medawatte, J. Amarasingha, M. C.M. Iqbal and S. M. W. Ranwala
1.30 pm 1-03 Abundance of Invasive Alien Plants beside the nature trail of the Udawattakele Forest Reserve, V. P. I. S. Wijeratne , I.A.D.N. Dilrukshi  and S.M.W. Ranwala
1.45 pm 1-04 Development of an Organic Liquid Application for Paddy using Leaves of some selected Plant Species and Cow Dung, T. M. Kumara , S. M. W. Ranwala , G.A. Jinadasa , U. A. G. Rathnayaka  and J. Ponnamperuma Arachchi
2.00 pm 1-05 Phytochemical Screening and Preliminary Assays on the Antimicrobial Activity of Pavetta blanda and Ixora coccinea Crude Extracts , U. C. Jayasundara and G. H. C. M Hettiarachchi
2.15 pm 1-06 In vivo immunostimulatory activity of Sri Lankan wild type Carica papaya L. mature leaf concentrate in a rat model, C.D.Jayasinghe N.D.C.K.K.Jayawardhane and P.V.Udagama
2.30 pm 1-07 A protocol for in vitro culture of two Pogonatum species, N. N. Munasinghe, L. N. S. Liyanage and P. Saputhanthri
2.45 pm 1-08 Cholinesterase inhibitory and antioxidant activities of Costus speciosus (Koen.) Sm. leaf extract S. P. Samaradivakara and J. K. R. R. Samarasekera
3.00 pm 1-09 In-vitro antioxidant properties of ‘refused tea’ extract (Camellia sinensis (L) kuntze) and its potential as an anti-aging ingredient

G.D. Liyanaraarachchi and R Samarasekara

3.30 pm 1-10 Comparative study of Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) bark oils extracted from different forms of Ceylon cinnamon bark, H.D. Weeratunga, S.K. Ganegamage and G.A.S. Premakumara
3.45 pm 1-11 Documenting the species richness and abundance of zooplankton in the Bellanwilla-Attidiya marsh, U. L. S. Perera, Y. N. A. Jayatunga and M. R. Wijesinghe
4.00 pm 1-12 Comparative Antioxidant Quality Evaluation of Three Commonly Consumed Legumes in Sri Lanka , K. M. Somawathi , V. Rizlia and W.M.T.  Madhujith
4.15 pm 1-13 Antibacterial potential of endophytic fungi extracts from Rhododendron arboreum var. zeylanicum an endemic plant of Sri Lanka,

H.D.A.A. Senevirathna, E.D. de Silva, C.D. Wijayarathna and R.L.C. Wijesundara

4.30 pm 1-14 Evaluation of antioxidant capacities of twenty nine selected bryophyte species of Sri Lanka using FRAP, DPPH and ABTS assays.,

L .N.S. Liyanage, H. S. Kathriarachchi, P. S. Saputhanthri and G. A. S. Premakumara

4.45 pm 1-15 Morphological and reproductive trait analysis of anther-derived rice plants of variety Bg 358 and plants grown from seed, G. R. P. S. Karunarathne and T. D. Silva
5.00 pm 1-16 Characterization of isolates of Colletotrichum sp. causing anthracnose on selected fruit crops in Sri Lanka, D. M. Hunupolagama, R. L. C. Wijesundera, N. V. Chandrasekharan, W. S. S. Wijesundera and H. S. Kathriarachchi
5.15 pm 1-17 Morphological characterization to differentiate sweet orange cultivars from sour orange in Sri Lanka, H.M.P.D. Herath, V.D.W. Kasthuriarachchi, K.P. Somachandra, N.B.U. Dissanayake, R.G.S. Iroshani, H.M.S. Heenkenda, P. Samaraweera and S.D.S.S. Sooriyapathirana
5.30 pm 1-18 Dietary fiber, uronic acid and sugar content of selected banana varieties (Musa species) from Sri Lanka, R. Sutharsana, S. A. S. Jayawardana, A. A. W. Ratnayaka, D. M. W. D. Divisekera, J. K. R. R. Samarasekera and J. Gooneratne

Parallel Session 02   

Time  Abstract Number Title
1.00 pm 2-01 Electrophoretic patterns of serum proteins of Rousettus leschenaulti (Fulvous fruit bat) in Sri Lanka, Himali U. Ratnayake, Devaka K. Weerakoon, Wipula B. Yapa, and Preethi V. Udagama
1.15 pm 2-02 In vivo and in vitro inflammatory activity of  Neopetrosia sp. marine sponge crude extract in a rat model ,Varuni K. Gunathilake, Wanigasekara  D. Ratnasooriya  and Preethi V. Udagama
1.30 pm 2-03 Effect of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus coagulans as probiotics on the growth, survival and enhancement of resistance to Aeromonas hydrophila infection in female guppy, Poecilia reticulata fry, D. C. Wickramasinghe and M. Hettiarachchi
1.45 pm 2-04 Antibacterial activity of Oldenlandia umbellate, J. K. K. Buddika, C. D. Wijayarathna and P. Soysa
2.00 pm 2-05 Investigation of Fungal Endophytes Present in rice varieties Bg 352, Suwandel and Herath Banda P.V.A.R. Ponnawila and N. Deshappriya
2.15 pm 2-06 Antimicrobial activity of crude extracts of macrofungi collected from Minneriya and Kaudulla Forest Reserves in the dry zone,N. W. Gunasekara, R. L. C. Wijesundera, E. D. de Silva and C. M. Nanayakkara
2.30 pm 2-07 Correlation of phenol and flavonoid content with the DPPH radical scavenging activity of macrofungi from Minneriya and Sigiriya, M.D.M. Fernando R.L.C. Wijesundera, S.S.B.D.P. Soysa, E. Dilip de Silva and C.M. Nanayakkara
2.45 pm 2-08 A preliminary investigation of the effects of hexavalent chromium on plankton through empirical trials, K. J. Mathiaparanam, A. M. M. Silva, G. R. S. Galagedara, M. R. Wijesinghe and Y. N. A. Jayatunge
3.00 pm 2-09 Purification and characterization of a thermo-stable extracellular alpha amylase from Caldimonas manganoxidans isolated from a hot water spring in Sri Lanka C. D. Mathew and A.Y.A.P.Wipulasena
3.30 pm 2-10 Cholinesterase inhibition and recovery in tadpoles of Asian common toad (Duttaphrynus melanostictus) following exposure to a carbosulfan based pesticide, H. M. T. R. Samarakoon and Asoka Pathiratne
3.45 pm 2-11 Antimicrobial activities of organic extracts of endophytic fungi isolated from Calamus thwaitesii (Arecaceae) endemic to Sri Lanka, D.M.R.K. Dissanayake, E.D. de Silva, R.L.C. Wijesundera  and C.D. Wijayarathne
4.00 pm 2-12 In vitro anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antioxidant effects from a terrestrial basidiomycete; Ganoderma lucidum, Kalpa W. Samarakoon , E. Dilip de Silva and You-Jin Jeon
4.15 pm 2-13 Pollution indicative biochemical and histological biomarkers in the indigenous fish, Etroplus suratensis inhabiting selected sites of Kelani River, K. M. S Ruvinda  and Asoka Pathiratne
4.30 pm 2-14 Study on passive transfer of maternal IgG antibodies against measles, mumps and rubella from mothers to infants., M. Nadhikala,  P. P. S. L. Pathirana , S.M. Handunnetti, Sudath Peiris and G.C.S. Galagoda
4.45 pm 2-15 Isolation and preliminary characterization of bacteria from Madunagala hot water spring in Sri Lanka, R.U. Hasini and I.V.N. Rathnayake
5.00 pm 2-16 Dynamics of total bacterial flora in selected food fish along the distribution chain from Negombo fishery harbor, E. G. T. P.  Wijesinghe , K. W. S.  Ariyawansa , P. H. Ginigaddarage and  S. P. S. D.  Senadheera
5.15 pm 2-17 In vitro antioxidant activity, Total Polyphenolic and Total Flavonoid Contents of bark and leaf extracts of Callophyllum inophyllum.

H. D. S. M. Perera and R. Samarasekera

5.30 pm 2-18 Evaluation of an IgM ELISA for diagnosis of acute leptospirosis using pathogenic Leptospira antigens, R. Niloofa, L. Karunanayake, A.R. Wikramasinghe, H.J. De Silva, S. Premawansa, S. Rajapakseand S.M. Handunnetti

Parallel Session 03

Time  Abstract Number Title
1.00 pm 3-01 Arsenic (As) and cadmium (Cd) induced toxicity in fry of the common carp (Cyprinus carpio),R.A.A.R. Ranatunge, M.R. Wijesinghe, D.N. de Silva and R.D. Wijesekera
1.15 pm 3-02 Histopathological changes in post larvae of Macrobrachium rosenbergii (Giant Fresh Water Prawn) following nitrate and phosphate exposure

T. T. K .Thenuwara1, M. R. Wijesinghe, D. N. de Silva and R. D. Wijesekara

1.30 pm 3-03 Shifting Ecosystems- A case study from Kandakuliya sand dune in Kalpitiya, Samanmali Mataraarachchi, Ranjana Piyadasa and Deepthi Wickramasinghe
1.45 pm 3-04 Preliminary investigation of antimicrobial activity of Lygodium microphyllum crude extracts, T.D. de Silva and G.H.C.M. Hettiarachchi
2.00 pm 3-05 Toona ciliata Roem.; A new source of cholinesterase inhibitors and antioxidants, S. P. Samaradivakara and J. K. R. R. Samarasekera
2.15 pm 3-06 Performance of red tilapia fed with feeds, formulated incorporating processed poultry feather meal, R.A.H.P.K.Renapana, M. Hettiarachchi and J. Chandrasoma
2.30 pm 3-07 Isolation and identification of Vibrio species that cause white feces disease in cultured Penaeus monodon (black tiger shrimp) with methods to prevent/control –First report from Sri Lanka, K.R.P.S. Kumara and M. Hettiarachchi
2.45 pm 3-08 Comparison of Land-use Changes in the Lower Walawe Basin Before and After the Irrigation Extension Project, B. D. Madurapperuma,D.M.D.Yakandawala, C.V.S. Gunatillake, K.A.J. M. Kuruppuarachchi, and T. K. Walpola
3.00 pm 3-09 Response of weedy rice (Oryza sativa f. spontanea) to changing climate of Sri Lanka, S. Somaratne, S.R. Weerakoon and K.G.D.I. Siriwardana
3.30 pm 3-10 Leaf species identity and their combination effect on oviposition choice and growth performance of Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae), N.M.N.G. Nayakarathna and G.A.S.M. Ganehiarachchi
3.45 pm 3-11 Intensity and distribution of rumen flukes of cattle (Bos indicus / Bos taurus) in selected areas of Sri Lanka, R. T. Madhuranga, A. K. K. Perera and L. D. Amarasinghe
4.00 pm 3-12 The effect of formalin and alcohol on morphometric characteristics of selected freshwater fish species in Sri Lanka, R. V. H. Hansika
4.15 pm 3-13 Effect of music on behavior and food consumption of Koi carp (Cyprinus carpio), P.M.A.C Gunasekara
4.30 pm 3-14 Use of artificial neural networks for predicting body size – habitat type relationship of tiger beetles (Coleoptera, Cicindelidae), H.M. Edirisinghe, C.D. Dangalle and K. Pulasinghe
4.45 pm 3-15 Population structure of a dengue vector Aedes albopictus in Sri Lanka, G. H. Galhena, M-A Shaw and R. Butlin
5.00 pm 3-16 Survival and growth of Asian common toad (Duttaphrynus melanostictus) tadpoles following exposure to mixtures of carbosulfan and nitrateH. M. T. R. Samarakoon and Asoka Pathiratne
5.15 pm 3-17 Preliminary assessment of microbiological safety in fish retailed in Gampaha district, K. W. S.  Ariyawansa P. H.  Ginigaddarageand S. P. S. D.  Senadheera
5.30 pm 3-18 Use of Milk fish (Chanos chanos) and nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus  to treduce organic particles in Shrimp aquaculture effluents in the  Mundel area , A.S.L.E.Corea and J.M.P.K. Jayasinghe