36th Annual Sessions of the Institute of Biology

Schedule of the Scientific Sessions
36th Annual Sessions of the Institute of Biology, Sri Lanka
30th September, 2016 at ‘Sausiripaya’ Auditorium (CIDA)

Parallel Session 01

Time Abstract Number Title
1.30 pm 1-01 Determination of UV absorption properties of selected Serpentine flora, using in-vitro SPF assay U W R Sampath and P S Saputhanthri
1.45 pm 1-02 Evaluation of antimicrobial properties of selected Serpentine plant species collected from Ussangoda and Indikolapelessa U W R Sampath and P S Saputhanthri
2.00 pm 1-03 Investigation of in vitro bioactivities, targeted isolation of bioactive compounds from Sri Lankan sea grapes, Caulepa racemosa Kalpa W Samarakoon, I P Shanura Fernando, U K D S S Gunasekara, Pathmasiri Ransinghe, G A S Premakumara and You Jin-Jeon
2.15 pm 1-04 Anti-lipase and anti-cholesterol esterase activities and binding of bile acids by leaf extracts of Aporosa lindleyana Baill. (Kebella) S Kathirgamanathar, W P K M Abeysekera, D M K P Weerasinghe, P Ranasinghe and A M C U Binduhewa
2.30 pm 1-05 Antioxidant properties at different stages of maturity of widely cultivated tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) varieties in Sri Lanka H H Ifla, W K S M Abeysekera, R C Pitipanaarachchi, M D G S Perera, S G Walliwala, I G N.Hewajuilge and C D Wijayarathna
2.45 pm 1-06 Isolation and characterization of plant growth-promoting endophytic diazotrophic bacteria from traditional and new improved rice varieties grown under organic conditions K A D V Kumarapeli and N Welikala
3.00 pm 1-07 The effect of pH on the biocontrol activities of Trichoderma spp. under in vitro conditions G D D Abeyratne and N Deshappriya
3.15 pm 1-08 Antibacterial activity and chemical analysis of fruit oil of Trachyspermum ammi Linn. Sprague G A S Premakumara, S Kathirgamanathar, T Thayalini , V S Bandara, D A M Arawwawala and V Thevanesam
3.30 pm 1-09 Survival of Lactic Acid Bacteria isolated from Sri Lankan finger millet variety D M W D Divisekera, J K R R Samarasekera, S D T Maduwanthi, C Hettiarachchi, J Gooneratne and S Gopalakrishnan
3.45 pm 1-10 Enumeration and characterisation of lactic acid bacteria from bovine milk collected from wet and intermediate zones of Sri Lanka D U Rajawardana, I G N Hewajulige, C M Nanayakkara and T M D A Jayawardana
4.00 pm 1-11 Optimization of a low cost medium to enhance the growth of Geobacillus stearothermophilus for production of thermostable alpha amylase S Jayaram, H H K Achala, M S Thiwanka and W W P Rodrigo
4.15 pm 1-12 Isolation and partial characterization of plant growth promoting endophytic diazotrophic bacteria from selected rice cultivars M R F Nasla and N Welikala
4.30 pm 1-13 Isolation of Salmonella species in Rousettus leschenaulti fruit bats in Sri Lanka H I T Perera, W B Yapa and H K K Perera

Parallel Session 02

Time Abstract Number Title
1.30 pm 2-01 Morphological variation of Nepenthes distillatoria L. in Sri Lanka E P C M Ekanayake, H S Kathriarachchi1 and A M A Attanayake
1.45 pm 2-02 A floral food formulation to improve vase life and postharvest quality of Gerbera jamesonii varieties ‘Rosalin’ (pink) and ‘Kilimanjaro’ (white) cut flowers N C D Perera and P S Saputhanthri
2.00 pm 2-03 Dichogamy: Undisclosed sexual systems of genus Bridelia in Sri Lanka M A Dias and R M C S Ratnayake
2.15 pm 2-04 Drought resistance and salinity tolerance of selected Sri Lankan rice (Oryza sativa L.) landraces S P Munasinghe, S Somarathne and S R Weerakoon
2.30 pm 2-05 Evaluation of phenetic diversity of selected orchid cultivars with ornamental value F Farook R N Attanayake and S P Senanayake
2.45 pm 2-06 Assessment of genetic diversity among ex-situ conserved finger millet (Eleusine coracana L.) accessions of Nuwara Eliya district in Sri Lanka P W Wakista, P N Dasanayaka, R J Illeperuma and S A C N Perera
3.00 pm 2-07 Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated in planta transformation of Bg 94-1 rice (Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica) B Rathefer, K G W W Bandara, H H K Achala and W T G S L Withana
3.15 pm 2-08 Microsatellite markers reveal high genetic diversity among the principal dengue vector, Aedes aegypti in Sri Lanka P D Gangani, M D Nirmani, K L N Perera and G H Galhena
4.00 pm 2-09 Long distance passive migrations may explain the low genetic differentiation in principal dengue vector (Aedes aegypti) in Sri Lanka M D Nirmani, P D Gangani, K L N Perera and G H Galhena
4.15pm 2-10 Association between Human Papillomavirus infections and lung cancers in Sri Lanka Sankha L Hewawasam, Roshana Constantine, Kanthi A Perera and Preethi V Udagama
4.30 pm 2-11 Screening of methicillin resistant gene for identification of potential methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus from clinical wastes M P D L Luphzy, K Vivehananthan and M P Dassanayaka
4.45 pm 2-12 A preliminary assessment of Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs) in Sri Lanka: District-wise overview B D Madurapperuma, A A N Nishad, J S Borges, D I K Solangaarachchi and R Kangath

Parallel Session 03

Time Abstract Number Title
1.30 pm 3-01 Microscopical profiling and evaluation of sensory characters of Sri Lankan origin bees honey for the detection of adulteration T D C M K Wijayasiriwardena and W A D D Wasalamuni
1.45 pm 3-02 Differences in web architecture of the Giant Wood spider (Nephilapilpes) in forested and non-forested areas in the Wet zone of Sri Lanka Tharaka Wijerathna, Inoka C Perera and Mayuri R Wijesinghe
2.00 pm 3-03 A Preliminary survey of the occurrence of tiger beetle species (Coleoptera, Cicindelidae) in the Jaffna Peninsula of Sri Lanka A Thotagamuwa, T Wijerathna C D Dangalle, N Pallewatta and E Lokupitiya
2.15 pm 3-04 Host tree species, nest appearance and colony demography of medically important Tetraponera rufonigraJerdon (Hymenoptera, Formicidae), in K S S D Fernando and R K S Diasselected urban localities of Sri Lanka
2.30 pm 3-05 Worker ant community observed in two rainy months and related information in a selected region of “Indikada Mukalana” Forest Reserve, a R K S Dias and W S Udayakanthahabitat of Aneuretus simoni Emery
2.45 pm 3-06 Diversity and abundance of phytoplankton in Diyawanna Lake, an urban wetland in the Western Province of Sri Lanka R M Asanka Dilini and M J S Wijeyaratne
3.00 pm 3-07 Spatial variation of macrobenthic community in relation to water and sediment quality parameters in the Ja-Ela canal, Sri Lanka K M B P P Kalaotuwawe and W M D N Wijeyaratne
3.15 pm 3-08 Characterization of a Bacterial Isolate from Madunagala Thermal Spring in the Hambanthota District, Sri Lanka G G W Nandanee, P N Dasanayaka and S C Wijeyaratne
4.00 pm 3-09 Comparison of indoor and outdoor windrow composting methods of MSW in relation to final product quality. H M B N Karunapala and M D M DW M M K Yatawara
4.15 pm 3-10 A preliminary study to determine the Water Footprint during the production process (WF process) of Desiccated Coconut in Sri Lanka. M G D K Bandara, D N de Silva and V R S Peiris
4.30 pm 3-11 An assessment of Cd and Pb accumulation in the Golden apple snail (Pomacea diffusa) K M Rathnayake, M R Wijesinghe and R D Wijesekera
4.45 pm 3-12 Survival of guppies (Poecilia reticulata) following exposure to three concentrations of lead under different temperatures Tharaka Wijerathna, Shashiprabha Jayasinghe, Kavindya Koswinna, Thejanee Perera, Kanchana Sajeewani and Mayuri R Wijesinghe
5.00 pm 3-13 Hexavalent chromium induced histopathological effects in Labeo dussumieri (Malabar Labeo), a food fish species in Sri Lanka V A K Fernando, I C Perera, C D Dangalle, S Premawansa and M R Wijesinghe

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