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Code of Ethics

1.1 The “code of ethics” will apply to all members of the Institute of Biology (IOB) including institutions which are corporate members of the IOB.
1.2. The “code of ethics” for Chartered Biologists may be presented in a short form with explanatory notes as follows.

2. Every biologist and institution concerned with biology shall:

I. observe the highest standards of professionalism,
II. Show concern for all living beings and environment,
III. Be honest,
IV. Have a scientific attitude, and,
V. Respect legality.

Explanatory notes

a). “Professionalism” implies:-

• Keeping abreast of current developments of knowledge in the field of professional activity and continuing education in it
• Commitment and competence to fulfill the tasks undertaken.

b). “Concern for all living beings and environment” refers to:-

• The use of organisms in research in accordance with recognized ethical norms.
• Acting with compassion to ensure the welfare of all living organisms in all fields of biological activity undertaken.
• The concern to avoid cruelty to organisms in all activities undertaken.
• The concern to safeguard the environment including its’ natural resources.

c). “Honesty” refers to :-

• The transparency, sincerity, truthfulness and fairness shown to all concerned in the work undertaken.

d). “Attitude” refers to:-

• Working in accordance with scientific attitudes such as manner of thought based on scientific principles, inquiry with objectivity, publication of findings, being open to scrutiny by peers, willingness to change in the face of evidence etc. at all times.

e). “Legality” refers to:-

• Being bound and guided by the existing laws of the land.

3. Procedure to be adopted in case of violation of the code of ethics.

3.1. The council of the Institute of Biology shall have the power to expel from membership, suspend membership for a period, reprimand or admonish a member who has been found guilty of unethical practice after a due inquiry by the council.

3.2. Any member whose membership is terminated or suspended or who is expelled in accordance with by-laws (1, above) shall return forthwith to the council any certificate of membership issued to him/ her, and will not be permitted to use any qualifications and /or designatory letters of the Institute, while the Council otherwise decides.

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