Institute of Biology, Sri Lanka

Professional body Incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 22 of 1984

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Objectives of the Institute

(a) To promote and advance the Science of Biology and its application in Sri Lanka.
(b) To advice the Government, and give counsel to public corporations, local bodies and other institutions on all matters connected with the application of Biology to the progress and development of the country.
(c) To promote acquisition, dissemination and interchange of biological knowledge by i. Providing a forum for the presentation of original communications and discussions ii. Establishing and maintaining libraries iii. Publishing matters of interest to the profession of Biology and any other means.
(d) To promote education in Biology at all levels
(e) To promote, encourage and foster original research in Biology
(f) To ensure the maintenance of high standards in the professional activities and the general conduct of its members
(g) To establish liaison with other scientific organizations
(h) To establish and enhance the status of the profession of Biology in Sri Lanka.

Membership of the Institute

The Institute has Members in academia, research, industry and healthcare. If you are a Sri Lankan Biologist in you are invited join the institute.

There are four major categories of membership: Fellows, Members, Associates Licentiates. Eligibility for each category depends upon a combination of professional experience and academic qualifications.

Fellows and members can also apply for Chartered Biologist or C.Biol, a distinction immediately comparable with the corresponding designations of other respected professionals. Chartered Biologists are required to follow code of ethics adopted by the Institute.

Institute. is administered by the Council, which is appointed every year at the AGM.

Annual Sessions of the Institute is held on September each year, where a distinguished biologist will be felicitated.

Institute conducts various activities such as teacher training, workshops and training sessions for Biologists, and Sri Lankan Biology Olympiad.

The institute was begun by a small group of Sri Lankan Biologists in 1981. It became an incorporated organization by Act of Parliament No 22 of 1984.
List of Past Presidents.