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Professional body Incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 22 of 1984

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Why Join?

Becoming a member of IOBSL will open up a plethora of opportunities that bring recognition to your academic / research career. As an IOBSL member, you become eligible to apply for many competitions that are conducted annually and biannually by the institution. These include competitions leading to lifetime awards like the Young Scientist Award and the Biology Oration as well as competitions that capture your talents outside the mainstream professional skills, such as the nature photography competition.

As a member, you can also showcase your research on the IOBSL website and take it to the general public. At the same time, the Annual Scientific Sessions of IOBSL will provide you with a forum to communicate your research to the scientific community. Further, you will be included in the IOB mail list and receive regular updates on its programmes. These include free webinars/seminars, workshops, courses, public lectures, and the like. In addition, you will also receive the quarterly e-newsletter of IOBSL. “Bio News” which portrays the contribution of IOBSL and its membership towards the advancement in biology. Bio News will also bring you the latest biology news items to keep you updated on new developments in the field. As a member, you too can contribute to the newsletter by submitting articles, research news, poems, and photographs related to biology.

Categories of Membership

There are four major categories of membership.

Fellows are entitled to use the designatory letters F.I.Biol (Sri Lanka) while the Members are eligible to use M.I.Biol (Sri Lanka), Associate members, A.I. Biol (Sri Lanka), and Licentiates L.I.Biol (Sri Lanka).

Eligibility depends on a combination of professional experience and academic qualifications. Read IOB membership categories, criteria, and guidelines.

Fellows and members can also apply for Chartered Biologist or C.Biol, a distinction immediately comparable with the corresponding designations of other respected professionals. Chartered Biologists are required to follow the code of ethics adopted by the Institute.

Membership Roll

You can find the details of the Corporate Members here

Details of the Non-corporate Members are here

To update your details in the membership roll, please click here

How to make the payment?

The payment can be made as a direct bank deposit / online transfer/ check deposit to the “Institute of Biology, Sri Lanka” account at Peoples Bank, Thimbirigasyaya branch (Account number 086-100141191763).