Institute of Biology e-Photography Competition

Theme of the competition

“Nature’s battle: the struggle to thrive in a polluted world”

Photographs of organisms struggling to survive in polluted and disturbed environments are accepted for the competition.


1) Photos of lured, or baited animals are NOT accepted.
2) Images must not involve any harassment wildlife.

Target group

Sri Lankan professional, amateur, and youth photographers irrespective of age may enter the competition.


Certificates will be awarded for the 1st Place (Best biology photographer of the year) and for the most popular biology photograph of the year. Consolation certificates are awarded to five photographs that scored higher marks next to the best photograph.

All submissions will be judged by an eminent panel of judges whose decision will be considered final.

Competition calendar

Closing Date: June 30, 2022

Opening for public votes: July 15, 2022

Notification of the winners: August 15, 2022

Awarding the certificates: Annual Sessions of the IOBSL

Guidelines for capturing, editing and submission of the photographs

  • Digital images should be taken with your camera/mobile phone set for the highest resolution
  • A participant can submit up to 3 entries.
  • Images should be in JPEG/PNG format
  • Each image should not be larger than 10MB
  • Maximum aspect ratio of the photograph should be 16:9 or 9:16
  • Basic editing, including adjusting white balance, exposure, contrast, color vibrancy, saturation, sharpening and cropping can be done without losing its authenticity and quality.
  • Advanced editing, which is used to create deceptions or manipulations and adding or removal of significant elements within the frame is strictly prohibited.
  • There must be no borders, logos, texts, copyright marks, watermarks, identification marks or any other visible references within the frame.
  • Entrant must provide unedited originals (RAW files) of photograph(s) in any case if requested by the organiser and the organiser reserves the right to remove photographs of those who fail to do so.
  • Photographs must be renamed according to your First name Last name underscore Title of the photographs. (Example: SahanBandara_lakewater.jpg)
  • Entrants must read and agree to the rules and regulations before entering.
  • All details provided by the entrant must be valid and accurate.
  • Submissions must be originals, captured and edited by the entrant him/herself.
  • Entrant is responsible for the content of photographs.
  • Entrants must not infringe on the rights of any other photographer or person, or submit images that involve the willful harassment of wildlife or damage to the environment by the photographer.
  • Obscene, provocative, or otherwise objectionable content will not be considered, and such determination is solely at the discretion of the judges.
  • Organiser will not be responsible for corrupted or damaged files in the uploading process.
  • Organiser will not be responsible with regards to the content from any submission or third party misuse.
  • All the instructions along with the guidelines will be given on the IOBSL website, and can be downloaded as PDF files. (
  • Ownership of the copyright in any entry submitted to the Competition will remain with the copyright owner(s). The photographer will be credited (eg © photographer’s name).

Submission of the photographs

Digital images should be uploaded as JPEG or Tiff and RAW (if available) files to the Googleform:

Register and Upload Your Photographs Here!

Label each file with your details as described in the guidelines.  All photographs must accurately reflect the subject matter as it appeared in the viewfinder. Nothing should be added to an image later, and aside from in-camera dust spots, nothing should be taken away.

[Contact for more information: Dr. Devanmini Halwathura ([email protected]), Dr. Uthpala Jayawardena ([email protected]), Dr. Vindhya K. Fernando ([email protected])]