Biology Oration 2022

Institute of Biology, Sri Lanka is organizing ‘Biology Oration’ with the objective of recognizing outstanding research contributions in Biology. The corporate members of the Institute of Biology are eligible for applying for the Biology oration. A judging panel of experts from sub-disciplines of biology will assess the applications. The winner will be awarded the Biology Oration Medal and will be provided with the opportunity to deliver the oration at a special virtual event held in July.


  1. The oration should be on current and breakthrough research of which a substantial part be based on original research on any subdiscipline of Biology.
  2. Orations based on work published in peer reviewed journals will be given priority.
  3. In the case of multi-author research and publications, the applicant should inform the other authors of his/her application and provide details of the contribution to the design, data collection, analysis and writing of the manuscript by the applicant.
  4. The duration of the oration is 45 minutes and it should be of interest to an audience of biologists.


  1. A synopsis of the oration which does not exceed 2500 words (in the text) should be provided for the evaluation purposes. The IMRAD (Introduction, Materials &Methodology, Results and Discussion) format is suggested unless the content requires otherwise.
  2. Synopsis should refer to applicant’s relevant publications where appropriate.
  3. The synopsis of the oration should be typed in Times New Roman, size 12, double line spacing. Harvard or Vancouver system of referencing can be used.
  4. For all research involving human or animal subjects, state ‘Ethics Clearance’ in the methods section.
  5. Two (2) copies of the script should be submitted. One copy should include the author’s name, while the other should not.
The manuscript should be accompanied by a separate document indicating the following.
  1. A cover letter addressed to Honorable Joint Secretaries, IOBSL explaining why the applicant believes that the work is of sufficient merit to deserve the oration.
  2. Applicants relevant publications;
    1. the publication on which the oration is based on
    2. list of all other original publications and conference presentations (both oral and poster) of the applicant that are cited in the synopsis
  3. The impact of the research in terms of advancing scientific knowledge and improvement of service delivery.
  4. In case of multi-author research/publications, the contribution of the applicant to design, data collection, analysis and writing of publications/manuscript.
  5. A declaration by the applicant that the other authors of the presented research have no objections to the submission of the oration.
  6. Declaration of financial and other conflicts of interests.
  7. A 5-minute video containing a summary of the oration to help determine the the quality of delivery of the oration.
  8. A brief resume (length should not exceed one A4 size paper) indicating the salient points relevant to the contribution made to advances in knowledge on the subject area of oration.

All applications should be emailed to IOBSL Joint Secretary at [email protected] on or before the stipulated deadline.


Application closing deadline: 30thApril, 2022  Application deadline is extended to 30th June 2022

Announcement of winners: 30thJune, 2022

Oration (virtual event): 28thJuly, 2022