IOB Webinar series


Biology Webinar Series 2020

In the month of August a webinar series was organized by IOBSL covering diverse topics related to biology. The webinars were held via Zoom and replaced the traditional guest talk series annually organized by IOBSL. The series was live streamed via the Institute’s Facebook page, and was therefore able to capture a wide audience. The Biology Webinar Series 2020 was sponsored by Bank of Ceylon.


  Date Topic Invited Speaker
1. 08th August 2020 Human-Wildlife Conflict: Causes, Consequences and Management Strategies Prof. Devaka Weerakoon

Department of Zoology and Environment Science, University of Colombo

2. 12th August 2020 Towards Responsible Agriculture through Good Agricultural Practices Dr. Keerthi Mohotti

Deputy Director Research, Tea Research Institute, Talawakelle

3. 19th August 2020 Biofertilizers: a low cost, eco-friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers for sustainable agriculture Prof. S. A. Kulasooriya,

National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy

4. 26th August 2020 Why bivalve farming is important to Sri Lanka Prof.  W. M. T. B Wanninayake, Consultant in Marine Biology