41st Annual Sessions IOBSL 2021 – Best Presenters

  Track Title of the abstract Name of the presenting author Email (presenting author)
1 Zoological Sciences Uncovering the Diversity and Distribution of Scolopendrid centipedes in Sri Lanka Mr. A.P.P.T Alexander [email protected]
2 Plant & Environment Science Assessing the adaptive response of Sri Lankan true mangrove species to their environment using leaf characteristics Ms. G.S.C. Madhupanchanee [email protected]
3 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Analysis of population structure of ex situ conserved sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) germplasm

accessions in Sri Lanka using SSR markers

Ms. D.V.S. Kaluthanthri [email protected]
4 Microbiology & Chemical Biology Hypoglycemic, antibacterial, angiogenic, activities and toxicities of two decoctions used in Sri Lankan traditional and Ayurvedic medicine systems Ms. P. I.T. Liyanage [email protected]