Annual Sessions of the IOBSL – 2022

“Towards a Paradigm Shift in Biology”

 The 42nd Annual Sessions of the Institute of Biology, Sri Lanka will be held on 30th September 2022 at the Marino Beach Hotel, Colombo 03, under the theme “Towards a Paradigm Shift in Biology. It will consist of the Inaugural session, the Annual General Meeting of the IOBSL and four parallel technical sessions.

Inaugural Session

The inaugural session is a celebration of all the ventures and undertakings of the IOBSL in the year 2022. It commences at 8.55 a.m. and marks the start of the annual sessions.

Mr. Rohan Pethiyagoda, a Linnean Medalist and world-renowned conservationist, will grace the occasion as the Keynote Speaker. This will be followed by his felicitation. The presentation of certificates and medals to the winners of the contests conducted by the Institute of Biology (i.e. Biology Oration, Young Scientist Award, Photography Competition, Quiz competition and Biology Olympiad) will also take place at the inaugural event.

Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of the IOBSL 2022 is scheduled to be held at 11.20 a.m. and is open to all full members. The council of the IOBSL for the year 2023 will be appointed at the AGM.

Technical Sessions

The technical sessions are scheduled for the evening of the day where more than 40 research abstracts will be presented by members of the Institute in four parallel sessions. The best presenter of each track will be recognized with the Best Presenter Award at the closing ceremony of the sessions which is scheduled at 4.30 pm.



Inaugural Session

8.15 a.m.

Registration and Tea

8.55 a.m.

Ceremonial Inauguration

9.05 a.m.

Welcome Address

D. Darshani Bandupriya

9.15 a.m.

Address by the President, IOBSL

Dr. Gayani Galhena

9.30 a.m.

Address by the Keynote Speaker

Mr. Rohan Pethiyagoda

9.50 a.m.

Felicitation of Mr. Rohan Pethiyagoda

10.15 a.m.

Launching of the Thematic Publication “Towards a Paradigm Shift in Biology”

10.20 a.m.

Presentation of Awards
Biology Olympiad/
Nature Photography Competition/ Biology Oration/ Young Scientist

10.50 a.m.

Vote of Thanks
Dr. Rinukshi Wimalasekera


11.20 a.m.

Annual General Meeting


12.30 p.m.


Technical Sessions

1.30 p.m.

Start of the Technical Sessions

4.00 p.m.

Distribution of Best Presenter Awards

4.15 p.m.



Session Schedule

Parallel Session A




1.30–3.20 p.m.


Studying the Microbial Community Interactions of Sri Lankan Cattle Milk Microbiota Under Different Climatic Conditions      

By U. Rajawardana and T. S. Artigala


Effect of Curcumin Extract on Inhibition of Coconut Oil Rancidity

        By S. P. P.  Amiyangoda, N. Balachandran and T. C. H. Gamage


Evaluating Plant-derived Antifungal Substances for the Effective Management of Seed-borne Fungi of Selected Crop Species

        By W. N. Hansini and D. A. Daranagama


Wound Healing Enhancing Terpenoids from Vernonia zeylanica (L.) Less.

        By W. M. P. Samarasinghe, G. M. K. B. Gunaherath, C. Ranasinghe, S. Somaratne and K. H. Jayawardana


Antibacterial Activity of Entomopathogenic Fungi Isolated from a Thorn Treehopper in Sri Lanka

        By I. B. N. S. Sewwandi and P. B. Ratnaweera


In vitro Bioefficacy of Beauveria sp. Against Tea Shot-hole Borer (Euwallacea fornicatus Eichh.)

       By R. D. S. M. Gamlath, P. D. Senanayake, G. D. Sinniah and R. G. S. C. Rajapakse


A Microbial Cocktail Combined with Organic Fertilizer with the Potential of Providing Rice Growth and Yields Similar to 100% Urea Recommendation

      By M. G. G. D. Kithmini and T. A. Perera


Rhizospheric Fungal Species of Selected Capsicum (Capsicum annuum L.) Varieties of Sri Lanka and their Ability to Control Fusarium sp., Causative Agent of Damping-off Disease in Capsicum

       By P. U. N. E. Srimali, N. Deshappriya, M. S. W. Fernando, R. N. Attanayake and D. S. Manamgoda


Antibacterial Activity of Selected Fungal Endophytes Isolated from Two Species of Pandanaceae

By W. N. N. Dabarera, S. S. Ediriweera, C. M. Nanayakkara, K. G. S. U. Ariyawansa, N. N. Wijayawardene, R.

P. P. K. Jayasinghe and S. C. Karunarathna


Effect of Cryoprotectants on Cell Viability and Biomass Growth of Chlorella sp. and Oscillatoria sp. Cells under Ultra Low Temperature

      By B. L. W. K. Balasooriya, I. G. S. S. Ekanayaka and S. A. V. Viduranga


Screening for Petrol Degradation Potential of Nine Bacterial Isolates Using a Redox dye 2,6-Dichlorophenolindophenol

      By A. M. Weerakoon, P. S. Wanigasooriya and S. R. Karunaratne


Parallel Session B







Comparison of Phytochemicals of De-polysaccharide and Polysaccharide rich Methanolic Extracts of Sri Lankan Marine Alga Chnoospora minima

         By U. Bandaranayake, H. S. Kumarasinghe, T. L. Gunathilaka, P. T. Jayasooriya, P. Ranasinghe, L. D. C.

Peiris and K. W. Samarakoon


Association of Selected Genetic Variants in CBS and MTHFR Genes in a Cohort of Children with Homocystinuria in Sri Lanka

         By D. T. Mahaliyanage, M. H. N. J. Samarasinghe, S. De Silva, N. Punyasiri and E. Jasinghe


Effect of Simulated In vitro Gastro-intestinal Digestion on the Bioactive Properties of Phenolic Compounds From Edible Flowers

         By G. Janarny, K. D. P. P Gunathilake and K. K. D. S Ranaweera


Genome-wide Identification of Gretchen Hagen3 (GH3) Gene Family in Musa acuminata L.

         By K.H.M. Jayasinghe and H. D. D. Bandupriya


In vitro Antioxidant Capacity and Lipoxygenase (5-LOX) Inhibitory Activity of Leaves of Citrus aurantiifolia (lime) and Chemical Profile of Leaf Essential Oils

         By D. Jagoda, G. D Liyanaarachchi, H. D Weeratunge, S. M. Handunnetti, N. Fernando and J. K. R. R.          



Computational Analysis of EMBRYO-DEFECTIVE (EMB) Genes in Arabidopsis

         By K. H. N. Sandumina and A. M. Wickramasuriya


Molecular Docking for Discovering Lead Compounds of Fungal Origin for Quorum Quenching Agents Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

         By W. M. J. V. Wickramasinghe and I. C. Perera


DNA Methyltransferases and Demethylases in Theobroma cacao: Genome-wide Identification, Genomic Structures and Phylogeny        

        By W. M. A. Sanahari and A. M. Wickramasuriya


Prevalence of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Insertion/Deletion Polymorphism and its Association with Oxidative Stress in a Subset of Sri- Lankan Pediatric Psoriatic Patients

        By S. A. K. Udayanga, J. Seneviratne, M. G. A. Saumyamala and A. D. D. S. Amarasekara


An ARMS PCR-based RT Coupled Method for Simultaneous Identification of SARS-CoV-2 Variants

         By S. Liyanage, R. Anthonies, C. S. Sepalage, S. Siriwardana and I. C. Perera


Investigating the Proteins Involved with Crosstalk Between Drought Response Sub-pathways in Oryza sativa Using a Network-based Approach

        By J. W.  J. K. Weeraman, T. L. S. Tirimanne and S. P. C. Fernando


Parallel Session C




1.30–3.10 p.m.


Modelling Environmentally Suitable Areas for the Potential Introduction and Cultivation of the Ornamental Cryptocoryne thwaitesii in Sri Lanka

       By K. A. M. R. P. Atapattu, P. R. G. K. T. Rankoth and H. S. Kathriarachchi


Morphological and Biochemical Characterization of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) – A preliminary Study

       By A. I. L. Silva and R. Wimalasekera


Prolonging the Shelf Life of ‘Ambul’ and ‘Cavendish’ Banana Using Potassium Permanganate and Activated Charcoal Based Sachet Fortified with Passive Modified Atmosphere Packaging

       By M. A. Sandaru and P. S. Saputhanthri


Effect of the Organic Liquid Fertilizer Amended with Trichoderma harzianum on the Growth and Yield of Capsicum annuum cv. MI 2

       By H. D. U. N. S. Senarathna, R. M. C. S. Ratnayake and B. T. S. D. P. Kannangara


Morphological and Phytochemical Characterization of Cajanus cajan L. (Pigeon pea) in Sri Lanka.

       By H. D. N. H. Karunarathna, A. I. S. Priyadarshan and R. A. S. P. Senanayake


Rooting of In vitro Developed Shoots and Stem Cuttings of Passiflora edulis

       By D. M. N. L. Dassanayake and T. D. Silva


Use of Plant-based Organic Fertilizer Paste Enriched with Trichoderma Species for the Cultivation of Basella alba – Alternative Solution to the Commercial Organic Fertilizer

       By N. N. Kalpani, B. T. S. D. P. Kannangara and R. M. C. S. Ratnayake


Investigating the Responses of Sesamum indicum L. (Variety ANKSE-3) to Drought Stress at Different Developmental stages

      By W. K. P. Purnima and I. A. J. K. Dissanayake


Morphological Characterization of Selected Phaseolus Cultivars in Uva Province, Sri Lanka

      By H. D. N. H. Karunarathna, A. I. S. Priyadarshan and R. A. S. P. Senanayake


Green Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Based on Piper longum L. Leaf Extracts

     By T. K. Rupasinghe, S. M. Vithanarachchi and H. D. D. Bandupriya


Parallel Session D




1.30–3.10 p.m.


Evaluation of Cytotoxicity of Fruit extract of Catunaregam spinosa Using Brine Shrimp Assay

      By P. K. Lawrence and W. T. P. S. K. Senarath


Variations in Microclimatic Conditions Across Different Habitat Types in the Wasgamuwa National Park

      By A. D. Senevirathna, H. H.E. Jayaweera and M. R. Wijesinghe


Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Air Pollutant Emissions in Colombo District, Sri Lanka

      By J. P. P. M. Jayalath, E. Lokupitiya and D. Halwathura


Effects of Sub-lethal Exposure of Ibuprofen on Laboratory-reared Oreochromis niloticus Juveniles: An Integrative Biomarker Study

      By H.P.S.H. Wickramarathna, S.H.N.P. Gunawickrama, and K.B.S. Gunawickrama


Heavy Metal Accumulation in Selected Food Fish and the Level of Human Exposure through Diet in Mahakanadarawa wewa, Anuradhapura District

      By A.I. Wanasinghe, R.G.D.R. Jayawickrama, R.L. Jayaratne and U.A. Jayawardena


Effect of Urbanization on Initiation of the Dawn Chorus of Home Garden Birds

      By M.G.D.D. Kariyawasam, G.D. Jayasinghe and M.R. Wijesinghe


Acute Toxicity of the Herbicide; Pretilachlor, and its Effect on Mortality and Behaviour of Molly Fish (Poecilia sphenops)     

       By E.D.J. Chathurya, M.R. Wijesinghe and V.A.K. Fernando


Physicochemical Analysis and Toxicity Assessment of Sugarcane Distillery Spent Wash

      By H.D. Kuruppuarachchi, K.M.S. Ruvinda and J. Manathunga


Distribution of Endemic Plant Genera in Sri Lanka: Niche Breadth, Range Size and Altitudinal Range

      By W.A.A.D.M. Viduranga and H.S. Kathriarachchi


Investigating Spatial Variation of Stomatal Traits of True Mangrove and Mangrove Associates in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka in Accordance with Adaptation

      By W.R. Ranathunga and H.I.U. Caldera

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Full/Corporate members

Registration is open free of charge for full members for both the inaugural session as well as the technical sessions. Please click here to register. Unregistered members cannot be accommodated in the sessions due to logistical reasons.  

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Associate members and student members can attend both events (The inaugural session and technical sessions) by making a payment as detailed below.

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Based on the availability of seating, the IOBSL is also planning to open up the Inaugural session free of charge to as many presenters as possible.  The number of available places will be informed to you via email by 25th September and places will be offered on a first come first serve basis  However, we do not guarantee this opportunity.


Any Interested parties (Coauthors etc.) who are not members of the IOBSL can attend the sessions by making a payment as detailed below.  

Rs. 3500/- for the inaugural session (includes morning tea & lunch)

Rs. 2500/- for technical sessions only (includes evening tea)

Rs. 6000/- for both inaugural session and technical session (includes lunch, morning tea & evening tea)

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Diamond Ballroom, Marino Beach Hotel590 Marine Drive, Colombo 03

Dress Code


Formal (suit optional)




Keynote Speaker:  Mr. Rohan Pethiyagoda

Rohan PethiyagodaMr. Rohan Pethiyagoda is a world-renowned conservationist, naturalist, taxonomist of amphibians and freshwater fish, as well as an author of many publications. He is the first Sri Lankan scientist to receive the prestigious Linnean Medal by the Linnean Society of London for his immense contribution towards the conservation of biodiversity through his impactful research and discovery and/or description of almost 100 new species of vertebrates from Sri Lanka.
In recognition of his outstanding achievements, Mr Pethiyagoda will be felicitated by the IOBSL this year .


Track Chairs:

Plant and Environment Sciences Zoological Sciences Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Microbiology and Chemical Biology
dr jinendra dr vindhya dr kalpa dr t mathiventhan
Dr. Jinendra Dissanayake
University of Colombo
Dr. Vindhya Kulasena
University of Colombo
Dr. Kalpa Samarakoon
General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University
Dr. T. Mathiventhan
Eastern University of Sri Lanka

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